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◇ Onboard Igsm-r Interface Monitor for Pilot Section of Zhengzhou-Xi'an Dedicated Passenger Transport Line

◇ Specification for Classification and Coding of Power Distribution Equipment in Power Distribution Network Information System

◇ High magneto-resistance magnetic sensor and method for producing the magnetic sensor.

◇ Resistance random access memory unit and method for producing the random access memory unit.

◇ New use of phthalocyanine polycrystalline film.

◇ Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structures

◇ Emission Standard of Air Pollutants for Industrial Kiln and Furnace

◇ Gas monitors and alarms for workplace atmosphere general technical requirements

◇ Code for design of electric distribution of general-purpose utilization equipment

◇ Technical Methods for Making Local Emission Standard of Air Pollutants

◇ Petroleum and liquid petroleum products-Measurement of liquid level in tank -Manual method

◇ Environmental Quality Standard for Surface Water

◇ Classification of Toxicity Hazard and Explosion Risk Extent of Chemical Medium in Pressure Vessels

◇ Technical specification for temporary electrical safety of construction sites

◇ Code for Design of Ordinary cement concrete pavements

◇ Code for Design of Tank Farm in Petrochemical Storage and Transportation System

◇ Code for design of petrochemical enterprise for fuel gas system and Flammable gas discharge system

◇ Maintenance and Service Procedure for Centrifugal Air Compressor

◇ Environmental Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China

◇ City Planning Law of the People’s Republic of China

◇ Plan for Adjusting and Reviving Jinan’s Textile Industry

◇ Credit Proposal Presentation for Approval

◇ Current Development and Countermeasures of Beijing’s Cyclic Economy

◇ Overview of China’s Wind Power Industry and Policy

◇ Research of Wind Power Industry and Listed Companies

◇ Research of China’s heavy truck industry development

◇ Forum on the 30th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations Between the United States and the People’s Republic of China

◇ U.S. Coast Guard: America’s Maritime Guardian

◇ The annual U.S. East Coast cleantech gathering

◇ Combination of Chinese Regulations and Standards with REACH



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