Operation Procedures

Beijing Office: 86-10-58677581
Shanghai Office: 86-21-60398478
Guangzhou Office: 86-20-28017295
Shenzhen Office: 86-755-33955695
Tianjin Office: 86-22-23170258
If you have materials you wish to have translated, please call us at our service number. Our client service staff will answer any questions you have and help acquaint you with the various aspects of our translation service, including applicable fees as well as the expected time for completion and delivery of the translated works, on the basis of the initial quantity of the work. If you agree to engage our services for the translation work, we will prepare a contract for both parties to sign.
  • After signing a commission contract with us, our project manager will assess the project according to the specialty area of the materials, the target language,the size of the project and the timeline.
  • We will analyze the specialized features of materials to be translated, and research technical terms and proper expressions. For our repeat clients, we will translate their materials according to previously confirmed terms and styles. For our new clients, we will translate the materials according to the terms supplied by that client or the accepted norms in that particular sector.
  • We will assign the materials to specific translators according to the specialty area of the materials and the target language. We will clarify the translation requirements and standards to the translators in written form, including the use of specific technical terms, the time to complete the translation, and other requirements expressed by the client.
  • We will arrange the translation work schedule according to your needs, leaving sufficient time for translation, proofreading, and final review. We will finish the work within the set time period while ensuring the quality of the translation work.
  • In the course of translating the materials, we will supervise the quality and progress of the translation and settle any issues or questions that may arise. We will keep in touch with clients so as to give them updates on the progress of the translation.
  • After the initial translation is completed, we will assign our language experts and industrial experts to check and revise the translated works. Our language experts will refine and polish the translated works to ensure that it reads well and accurately according to their native language style. Our industrial experts then follow up by ensuring the accuracy of any technical terminology.
  • Our on-staff translation professor will proofread the final version of the materials, looking for consistency in the use of terminology, and accuracy in figures and punctuations, to ensure that all translated works are error-free before they are delivered to our clients.
  • We will process the hard copy of translated materials according to client requirements, during this final stage. The production stage comprises typesetting, printing, protecting, binding, and producing audio and video materials.
  • We will deliver the completed translations to our clients via their preferred mode. After they have the opportunity to review them, we will then seek feedback on our work. Following this, we maintain close contact with our clients, so that we can revise any portions of the translated works if necessary, upon their request. 
    We have established a complete set of guidelines and operation framework. At the same time, we are always ready to tailor our services to satisfy our clients’ work timelines. 
    Our fundamental guideline is to transform the clients’ materials from one language to another, keeping the original language style and features, while avoiding the kind of awkward word-for-word translations that many other translators tend to produce.
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