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Translation is, to some extent, actually a process of re-creation. To attain the objectives of “fidelity, fluency, and elegance,” translators must be highly qualified, with systematic educational backgrounds and rich experience, and they must be knowledgeable, earnest and meticulous. To this end, Sunlike Translation maintains the following standards in recruiting translators:
·Has systematically learned and mastered a foreign language. In addition to proficiency in the foreign language, the translators must be fluent and have expertise in the use of the Chinese language.
·Is well-educated in a certain industrial sector. Translators must be proficient in a certain sector. They must either have had technical training in the sector or have accumulated rich work experience in a sector.
·Has at least three years of experience as a professional or part-time translator.
·Overseas education and/or work experience are appreciated.
·Must be earnest and devoted to producing high-quality work.    
We continually assess newly-recruited translators’ overall performance, including their demonstration of language proficiency and professional knowledge. We also evaluate the performance of veteran translators at regular intervals. These measures are in place to ensure the quality of translated works and meet our clients’ expectations. 
In addition to our team of full-time translators, Sunlike Translation also employs a large number of part-time translators with admirable professional backgrounds, including foreign experts, full-time translators with Central Government departments, overseas Chinese returnees, university professors, translators from the army, and translators from multinational companies. These translators have rich experience and profound industrial backgrounds. Many of these translators have senior technical titles and masters or doctorate degrees.


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